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Dear Health Professionals, today we are launching the Brazil Health Data Portal, where you will find updated epidemiological information and insights from various diseases in Brazil. We use Microsoft Azure and Power BI Analytics Technology to bring even more clarity to the data. We are opening the website today with two infectious diseases, Malaria and Yellow Fever. In the next days we will include several other diseases and very quickly we will reach between 30 and 40 diseases. We host billions of Data Rows with information on more than 195 million patients, so this is an important repository of Brazilian Health Real World Data that we transform in Evidence with this available technology.

Our servers connect daily with the data released by the government to automatically bring all updates to the published diseases. Most illnesses will be updated monthly but some of them are only released annually.

We are implementing this initiative with our own resources and for now we are still without sponsorship. Should any company or entity have an interest in collaborating, please contact us.

We are passionate about exploring health data and we understand that this Portal will benefit the entire Brazilian and International medical and scientific community. Ultimately our interest and continue to draw insights from real world data to improve the health conditions of our suffering population.

Dr. Douglas Andreas Valverde PharmD

Founder of the Brazil Health Data Portal

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