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Information is Health

We created this Portal to provide Free Real World Evidence Insights into Brazilian Health Data. We are passionate in exploring Health Data and started gathering the most up to date information from trusted public data sources and input in our Microsoft Analytics Tools like Power BI to unleash insights and alerts about specific health conditions. We invite you to navigate and explore the epidemiological landscape of Brazil. 

Our hope is that this information will be useful for Medical, Academic, Scientific and Healthcare Industry Community and will also be a starting point to collaborate and use structured data combined with Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Analysis to alleviate the suffering of our people.

Dr Douglas Andreas Valverde, PharmD

Brazil Health Data Portal Idealizer

& Techtrials CEO

Brazil Health Data Logo.png
Important Information - We do not intend to replace any government source of epidemiological data. We do strive to have the most up to date data from each disease, but we depend entirely from data release from government sources that we do not control. For some diseases we do have data coming every month but for others we only have annual updates.
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Brazil Health Data Logo.png

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